(the following blog posts are my experience and that alone. they do not represent the full fabric of India, Pune or the Institute. it is just my little view of things flitered through my eyes and experience.  i hope you enjoy and that I can take you wth me a little on this unbelievable opportunity to be here.  I’m typing on a new gizmo so forgive errors that I don’t catch in my typing.)


I have finally arrived  after the world’s longest travel. I left Thursday at 12 pm from San Miguel and arrived India time Sunday at 10 am. It’s 3 days in total.  Next time, I’ll break it up with a vst to NYC which is far far closer than Mexico.


I’ve eaten my favorite Masala  Dosa at Lalit Mahal and two lime sodas. I’m in the Chetak tonight as there was no answer at my apt and I was too tired to wait around.


I’ve arrived somewhere so different and yet familiar. Before I’ve arrived from my home in the States and now I’ve come from Mexico.  Will Pune feel more like a familiar place from my past visits? Will it feel less of a shock coming from Mexico?  I comtemplated this with sonia who I met on the plane. Also traveling to Pune, she grew up on the street with the Iyengar Insitute. A small world. We crowded into the gate everyone pushing as if there weren’t assigned seating.  Sonia said, I want to board last but i know my countrymen there will be no place for baggage. It was true, in Mexico they were weighing, controlling and charging carryon. At turkish airlines in Istanbul it was a free for all.   I think in every place where the population surges people becomore assertive, pushy and personal space no longer exsists.. It was time to bring on the New Yorker just hiding under the surface from living in Mexico- the land of courtesy ….except at rush hour on the metro.


Istanbul aiport was amazing. Such a crossroads of the world. I heard every language, witnessed traditional clothing from all over the world….a turkish woman in a long fitted dress with a floral design her hair in a bun and wrapped in an equally colorful scarf, another women fully covered in black only her eyes appearing, an african couple regally dressed in white and gold, salwar kameez, jeas and bermuda shorts- all continents represented. I kept thinking of my little niece living there for 2 years experiencing the diversity and language.