Prashant’s birthday

I was able to go to practice today. Guruji apparently hasn’t been in the hall all month but came today. His great grandchild played with everyone including tossing his green ball to his great grand dad who , upside down, tossed it back to him.


It feel strangely familiar and totally new all at the same time. Hare Krishna road has 3-4 new luxury buildings going up. Landlords are really making a killing renting to students of the Institute. It’s all resolved now, because we paid more but our landlord said that we hadn’t told her we were three or that we wanted the cook. I think it’s all miscommunication and assumptions of knowledge. But we had no choice and so here we are. The cook remains and this is good news. I dont usually have my meals prepared for me when I’m ready to eat so it’s admittedly a luxury but also an essential after many hours of class and practice.



Some sights of the day- a pig eating on the side of the road, motorcycles piled with people, the youngest Iyengar running up and grabbing mommy’s leg as she worked with her grandfather, a dosa not as good as the one last night, piles of mangos at the fruit stand which I bought not this year as a foreign treat but as a kitchen essential just like at home.


Tomorrow classes begin at 7am