Today was Prashant’s birthday. Devoted students spoke of their gratitude for his teaching, for his books that illuminate the deep subject of yoga. Prashant is a philosopher and in class most of us chew on his words for days. It really takes continuous study to start to follow his teaching. It’s never about asana but how asana is this tool to understand the deeper ideas- the core ideas of yog. I can’t say I understand but I am moved to try and figure it out. I struggle between applying effort and being a keen observer. He asked us yesterday to seek to be the gold premium fountain pen instead of just the regular fountain pen- just one of his metaphors.
more will come!

Reflections that aren’t about yoga…or are they?

I’ve seen friends from NYC, familiar faces from 3 years ago, met a young woman from Mexico City who is going to keep me on my spanish toes and met new folks from Russia, UK via australia and beyond. It’s so amazing how the world is represented in that room. We all come for the same interest and yet we are so different. My friend Svetlana from russia broke a stereotype when she said that she felt Americans were more disciplined than Russians and Russians were more creative than Americans. (and I mean US just to clarify to all my friends from the americas—i know it’s incorrect. a reputable newspaper recently referred to Mexican soccer team as from Central America!) I don’t think Americans are any more creative but I certainly thought Russians as being very very disciplined. It’s good to have stereotypes broken and be reminded we aren’t only defined by our national borders.

Prashant refers to this often actually. He often mentions that we are ultimately all one and these divisions we create are just that, divisions. I agree with the wholeheartedly as a way to live but I also recognize that we are so different. I live my life in another culture and country so being here isn’t so terribly different in terms of feeling like an outsider. But it certainly isn’t the same as Mexico. It’s it’s own place.

Through my eyes:

Well i haven’t ventured far past the three blocks around the apartment getting supplies and such. I’ve seen people going about their business, I’ve seen carts piled with mangoes, my favorite indian snacks, the cutest girl with the biggest brown eyes, a devoted student shaking with nerves as she gifted Prashant with her words, a group of Portuguese students (there are alot) sing happy birthday, Prashant dressed all in white smile shyly and a thin dog with a collar with a few battle scars on his nose all this with the background of rickshaw and moped toot-toot and the caw -caw-caw of the bird that to mean is the sound of Pune.