blindness and fear oh ! mysore dosas.

The monsoon has arrived leaving the air cool and moist. I love the rain. In class today, I actually got a bit of a chill


Here are some wonderful thoughts/ideas from Prashant. And above is the chaiwallah where I get my post Prashant, pre-practice chai.

He says all of us do yogaaaa which is what he calls what we do for performance rather than yog for spirtual development. Since we are more interested in what we look like and how we perform rather than the deeper aspects of yoga he said “None of you would want a blind yoga teacher,” one who can’t see you to fix you but none of you would be against a blind philopsopher”. In this case, he is of course referring to metaphoric blindness. This stopped the energy in the room for a bit since most of us neophyte philosophers feel as my friend so aptly said “I feel as if I’m in french 401 but haven’t taken french 301, 201 or 101.” And he is completely right.

Not only are we interested only in yogaaa, we are also dependent on our teachers. And since we are not raw beginners we shouldn’t require that instruction. We should explore, observe, analyze, discover our selves. Today, he said that because of this we lacked the intelligence- that our practice doesn’t develop intelligence in the practice.

When today he is talking about the chemical effects of different udiyanas on the body, the mind and the organs it is an idea that I’m just beginning to wrap my experience around. My head is one thing, then there is the experience of it. Sure, we learn what pose is good for what and we know to quiet down at the end of our practice with shoulder stand but to actually feel the liver toned by the breath or the shoulder opened by pelvic breath containment is a life study.

In another class we were chided for being fearful and because of that we don’t practice poses that are neccesary. A room of mostly westerners struggled with putting their feet in padmasana- no props. It was a mess. Also,It does seem there are folks in the hall without the requisite 6 or 8 years of experience. Granted 6 years of 1x a week is not 6 years for 6 days a week more than 8 hours of practice and teaching per day- an average day of an Insitute teacher. And maybe because Geetaji is not teaching, new students are interrupting with questions and not following simple directions.

She was right, fearful of injury or pain we don’t practice, we don’t use movement to break stiffness, we avoid avoid avoid. Stiffness, Geeta says is less a body condition than one of the mind. Year 1 I was told my groins were tight and my mind was tight. Ouch. Year 2 I was given specific things to do. I did some. Year 3 I’m told that my hip is a problem. And so did I avoid? Yep. Did I think it “did enough?” Yep. Now I realize, I have to get into that sea of deep discomfort and practice. So everyday, I’m there in various baddha konasanas and more having the faith that as Geeta has said, pain will eventually become comfort. Plus, I do have a friend here who you would never know from her gumby hips that she once her knees were in her armpits in baddha konasana

another Mysore dosa at Lalit Mahal. It’s is just heaven with potatoe, golden raisins, cashews, light dosa and all topped off with coconut chutney. We completely freaked out my friend, mother of three used to admonishing for playing with food, as me and a guy from argentina tried to perfect our “handspoon” (eating with our hands). Photo of the desert two ordered. Mango something…cant’ remember the name.image