Dr. Pradya enlightens us with prayer, inspiration and Ayurvedic treatments and food.



(sorry, i promised to keep these short…next one)

Today was our day off. Ha.

It started off with a super charged cup of chai and then off to the advanced class with Gulnaaz where we are able to get our doubts and questions answered.

In a short period of time, doubts were cleared, poses were illuminated from a philosophical perspective all with joy and lots of fun. How fortunate that she gives us her time every week to help us understand better.

In the afternoon, I joined with some other women for a special seminar on ayurveda and menopause with Dr. Pradnya. Part technical , part practical and part motivational culminating in a delicious meal of kichadi (dal, rice and veggies) , thalipeeth (special chappatis from millet, rice and wheat) puran (chickpeas and jaggery)and ghee (video on facebook)image

To begin, Dr. Pradnya sang a prayer that in itself was a gift from the heavens. Unknown to any of us, she was a classical singer. We learned specific herbs and spices to increase iron, help with digestion or regulate the system. We are what we digest, she said. I noted quickly how I might be able to adapt or find the equivalent ingredients in Mexico


She said that any symptoms of menopause or anything really are directly related to how we feel about ourselves. And since menopause comes with all the societal ideas that we are old and done for it has an effect on our attitudes and therefore our experience.

“We should celebrate,” she said stating that in Rajasthan where women of are covered, remove the veil at menopause thereby entering a state of freedom. It doesn’t escape me the reason women are covered and why at menopause they no longer need it. But let’s accept this interpretation of unveiling as a celebration.

THe reason for our suffering is that we don’t truly love ourselves and depend on others for love. “why are be beggars asking for our husbands, our children, others to make us feel loved. You have given away the remote control. You must keep it. You are an ocean of love within you.”

“In India,” she said, “we are raised to be satisfied with what you have.” And she spoke of the constant craving in the west and state of discontent. “if here the electricity goes out we manage, there you ” and she made a face of panic along with panicked hand flapping. Here, she said, we have a big family network that gives us that support.

In that moment, I silently expressed the deepest gratitude for moving and living in a developing country, learning to live with less, not be able to go to a store and get whatever I want. It’s not been easy but I’ve been given the opportunity to wrestle with this dissatisfaction and be more content.

She mentioned how we can choose worry and anger and a crazy state of mind or we can choose to be centered and grounded. I mean, she said, if I’m imagining all these horrible things because my son is late coming home and then when he arrives we shout at each other what would happen if he did have a problem? But, if I was grounded and centered I would be able to handle it properly, isn’t it?

Positive thoughts have a power to erase any negative thoughts. EAch morning start the day with positive thoughts, positive ideas.

The best cure for good health is to forgive so that anger dissolves because any anger towards another first burns you.

Finally we ate a most delicious nutritious meal packed with spices and ingredients to balance the agni- inner fire to be more balanced..

We ended our session with Pichu- coconut oil in cotton on the top of our head to stabilize the mind and nourish the brain and a session of yoga nidra, a led meditation including another beautifully sung prayer, a series of affirmations and gratitude for our body, our health, our teachers and finally she led us through a visualization entering the Institute and meeting Guruji who silently greets us with a big smile and then goes on his way.

Good health is self-acceptance and love, good boundaries, daily self-caring routine including self massage with sesame oil and nutritious food. Dr Pradnya left us in a more centered state ready to take care of ourselves with more attention and love.