Armpits forward! Elbows straight!

My first class here Gulnaaz kept on me about my elbows in tadasana. She said my elbows stretched would open my eyes. I was pretty jet lagged and barely remember that class though i remember my elbows.

Today we did, backbends. over and over and over. Elbows and armpits were her direction. Over and over again. Are they straight? I thought yes. I pressed more, they straightened more. Who knew I could do more? She idd. She shouted her directions because we needed that much energy in order to move. If she saw what she was asking for, we could stop. Clearly we didn’t open our armpits satisfactorily until 20 Urdhva Dhanurasanas later.

Up and down, pressing foward, lifting up my shoulders and legs crying. I went for it and found an opening in my stiff shoulders that I’d kinda just accepted. Like my neighbor said to me while we lay our mats looking up at the photos of Guruji in graceful back bending poses, ” it’s all practice.” It’s not all these techniques, belts, blocks, just get in there and do the pose and do it purposefully.

Everyone left spent but chattering with the excitement of finally opening up the windows of their chest. Did you know you have windows in your chest? What have closed windows shut out?