Sleep and we shall all become one.

We have been experiencing and particularly now seeing great hatreds and wars based on differences. These divisions, Prashant explains don’t actually exist. They are our imposed divisions that separate us from our selves and from one another.

The whole purpose of yoga is to come in contact with the BEING, as he called it and which he refers to also at the yours or ours. This is the pure state. So the I or the ego state can not be fully clean as he says a toilet is never completely clean. Would you rub your hand on the toilet basin as you would do so on a newly mopped floor? Or would you cuddle a newly washed and scrubbed fly? These were his metaphors to describe that the ego or I can never be the pure state.

Our yog practice ultimately is for us to come in contact with the Being and eventually is done in order for the Being to take the lead instead of the ego.

In fact, the Being is free of religion, culture, ethnicity or any division we may create. Instead, we are all one. He stated that when we sleep this is where we can come in contact with our pure state because it’s during sleep that the I-state disappears. In sleep, we are not jewish, christian, indian, american, russian, woman or man. So, he said, if the Pope claims to be a christian 24/7 then he should never sleep. There the side of his mouth turned up and we all chuckled.

Perhaps we should end our differences and wars with the weapon of sleep.