International Day of Yoga

What a profound statement for the UN to declare June 21st a day of Yoga- Harmony and Peace. All across the WORLD people lay down their mats and practiced. I hope that coming together in celebration of yoga created connection to one another as well as illuminated the deep impact of  yoga. Not merely a physical act, yoga can truly create internal and thereby external harmony and peace. To see photos of cities packed with people practicing warmed my heart. As a teacher of yoga, as a practitioner of yoga this day was deeply important. I think all true teachers of yoga feel the same way.

We had our humble celebration here. While only a few attended, those that did brought their curiosity and devotion. I was most moved by our small but powerful kirtan. The act of chanting this ancient and divine language opened my heart and I aim to hold more kirtans in the future. 1511247_1121908441170950_1760339458896905703_n

When asked what yoga brought to your life, one young, enthusiastic practitioner said she started at 13 and yoga has given her a new outlook on life. She went on to elaborate that while her friends studied subjects in college they weren’t interested in or did drugs or only saw a future of marriage and children, through her practice she now knew other options awaited her. Usually,  I hear how yoga eradicates pain, or makes one feel calmer this was the first time I heard that yoga opened new doors and offered new paths for this young woman’s life.

I’m continually moved and impressed that connecting to oneself deeply can create such profound change.

Keep practicing!