It has begun

I The event has begun. It’s well organized and we are in a large stadium out of town bit  with a nice wooden floor. People from all over are together. I’m reconecting with familiar faces and meetig new folks as well. I have the unique position of not being a part of any particular group or country so I’m able to bounce about meeting new folks and making new friends.
Geeta orientated our sessions with a call to focus on the Yamas and Niymas and to go within and be less controlle by our outgoing minds.  Today’s asana class was simpel and straighforward. As usual these instructions are potent and effective. We refined the understanding of the shoulderblades in Urdhva hastasana and the back leg in standing poses she asked us to observe and feel the changes from the instructions. I was quite pleased to hear my rommates commet that the long holds were killer because I thought perhaps I was the only dying in Warrior 2 forever.  But then she instructed a very long Savasana- a full hour of instruction and being in the pose. 

We had a delicious meal for the afternoon curry kofta, papadams, veg biryanai, potato delish (have no idea what it’s called) and gulab jaman. We ate in small groups on the floor.

Abhy ran the afternoon session which was delightrful and charming.  Her talk was on props- how they give us confidence, how they are there to help and comfort people, how they came from emapthy. She started of with the stroy of Guruji coming to PUne.   An 18 year old boy from South India with nothing in his bag and some pretty bad early job expereices. Unlike as she said, the red carpets that are laid out for us when we go to teach in different locales. He struggled until  distinguished member of PUne  asked for his help and he didn’t turn away this man who could barely walk but started to use things he could find to help this person. She then demonstrated different use of the props and why Guruji used them in such a way. She retold experiences with her Guru who is also her grandfather the stoires were funny, genuine, revelaing and funny. At the end she said she hoped that the  next time we touch a prop we will have a better understanding of them and where they come from.

The days end a bit early but I spent the afternoon at home eathing and talking with my roomates and now I’m ready for a nice sleep.