A tiny reflection

I’ve been quite impressed at people posting reflections of the convention on Facebook because I feel so overwhelmed with experience that I haven’t been able to digest it into writing. I’m letting Geeta’s words and instructions work through my bloodstream. She says that an active brain is the state where you move experience into written expression, for example and therefore listening to instructions in asana does not require an active brain but acutally a passive brain. In asana, our eyes are open but we are looking within. With each adjustment, something shifts and we are to witness that. 

I’m still witnessing. There are some beautiful reflections that I’m sharing on Yoga center of San Miguel if you would like to read them.

Today, as a few senior teachers reflected on teaching Iyengar yoga in remote places Manouso Manos shared that many of our family and friends don’t quite get why we would go so remotely far away from home but that in fact coming to Pune is in a way coming home. I have reconnected with friends and colleagues from New York City, and I’ve made some new friends from all over the globe. We have varoius experiences, various reactions, we clap, we don’t clap, we buy, we don’t buy, we don’t mind the bathrooms, we can’t stand the bathrooms, we are allergic to the blankets or the air conditioning, we love the food, we hate the food but what unites us is that we are there whether we are grappling with the language, or the concepts, in agreement, in disagreement,  aceepting , rejection what unites us is that we are chewing and digesting the same material. It joins us. Yoga.

 Here I am at lunch with NYC friends  some who I am now getting the chance to know and new friends..

 Tomorrow will be a full day of pranyama and meditation. I for one am looking   forward. Geeta’s teaching has been clear and sharp. None of the poses have been new but the way her words pierce new understanding is kinda mind blowing. Pranayama is not easy to teach and it’s not easy to learn. I’ts so experiential and you must truly rely on yourself to judge what is or isn’t happening. It moves you deep within.

It’s just one more day and so many people have already had to leave. A few of us will travel to Bellur, the birthplace of Guruji. A very small village that he had a dream to develop. We are going to inaugurate the yoga hall. Today, the large exhibition hall photos of Guruji were auctioned off for the Bellur Trust. I heard just one went for $2000US. It’s going to be an auspicious event and I’m lookig forward to spending a few days in a village. it’s so different than city life. When you get down to it many cities are really so much alike. And particulaly coming from Mexico, there are even some of the same fruits here. No wonder the Indian teachers like it.

Food- It’s been pretty good and Gayatri cooked a meal at home that blew my mind.  It’s true home cooked food is the best. And the tea at the Chetak hotel still has the just the right amount of Masala.

til next time.