A meeting

It’s come to my attention that there are more people reading this blog than just my small circle of students friends. and my mom. This blog is intended to be a honest, un academic expression of my experience. I share my questions, confusion, fears, joys etc. I have colleagues who write beautiful pieces that are more academic and instructional. I hope my often clumsy fumbling around these big concepts helps or at least entertains you. I am inspired by those that struggle and so I’m pulling back the curtain on mine firstly to selfishly  document it and secondly I hopes that honestly helps someone else.
After each of Prashant’s classes I ask Devki all sorts of  questions. Each time she says, you should ask Sir. What? No way! 4 weeks one day before leaving I sit down to a private meeting with Prashant. We are sitting together in the entrance to the Institue so it’s not all that private. Before doing this, I went back and forth not sure If I should, if I could. I’ve been advised to do things before and walked into a firestorm. I was also advised to make sure I had good questions. Like this blog, my questions are messy and not very deep.

With that pressure,  I spent hours trying to find the right questions. They all seemed silly and required more practice and reading to be resolved. I didn’t need to bring these to Prashant!  Devki asked me if I could just express my gratitude. Yes, I can do that.  And the pressure was released to come up with the best question. She said, be like a child. 

I was nervous to make the appointment and he didn’t seem to even know I had been in his classes that month or the years before. On the day I waited. He came in an out of his office. Did he see me? It’s hard to tell. If he forgot well, then that would be fine. 

But then I was called to the desk where we register. I am truly grateful to him for giving water to my lifeless practice.  I asked him about something he had mentioned in class. And the conversation began. He was kind and easy to talk to. He asked why I had come to him so late? I said I was nervous. He asked if he had done something to make me feel he would be hard to talk to. I said no but I think all of us are intimidated. He rightly expressed that if I had a question why not ask so that he could help me clarify and therefore improve my learning. So true. I felt he wants me to learn.

The next day in class, he expanded on the theme I had asked about. Dharmendridyas the organs of right actions. Something Guruji taught but he says no one picked up upon and therefore no one is teaching.  And he chastised us for not asking questions on things he said we didn’t understand. 

I am still processing all we discussed. 

Here are some highlights:

Breath is like a new born baby when it arrives all malaise in the family dissipates and there is nothing but joy. A new born baby can do no wrong.

We must become breathicated. 

Only philosophy can answer the question of I. 

I is not singular but plural. 

yoga must be done with a philopshical mind not a mundane mind.


Still processing…..