The street dogs are something special. I have friends that have brought them back to South Africa, USA and beyond. I think locals most likely think.they are crazy to let them in their homes. 

They are scarred and broken and often mangey. Some are skinny, most are not. Despite living on the streets, injured by cars or whatever when you offer the slightest greeting their tails begin to  wag and they stand up and greet you. Most likely, they are looking for a treat but they will take a scratch on the top of the head. When you stop, they nuzzle you again or lick your hand. I am just amazed that they are so loving and trusting. THey aren’t typical street dogs though I hear at night they are different and I did see a rabies treatment center implying that bites do happen. 

I’m more afraid of the street dogs in Mexico. It may be the street dogs here are a special breed.It may be because people are kind to them or at least let them be but they definitely aren’t afraid like the dogs in Mexico. And once you lift up the pitch of your voice, thump thump tails wag and you have a friend who will remember you when you come back the next day and before you even say hi, thump thump, thump. 

I’ve had the fortune this trip to visit many temples, puja ceremonies and other spiritual rituals. These always bring up questions for me. Why, what how? And more than anywhere I feel more “connection” when I see an old Banyan tree, a cow chewing his cud in the middle of the city or a dog ‘s eyes looking into mine.

One temple near the Institute I have always wanted to visit. My teacher and her family are part of this community. The upstairs is a preserved shrine of her home everything intact as she left it. Members sit there and meditate. I’m never sure how to behave especially when I don’t have a relationship with their guru as they do. But in the side room, she has a photo of her Pekingese and in the back garden a marble shrine erectedf

Bandhu our beloved child. We wanted you for our pleasure. You lived only to please us. You were part of our lives. We were you Life. We gave you a little of what we have. You gave us all of what you are. We wanted to teach you by words- but learnt so much from you by your example. You taught us the eternal values of love and surrender by your unquestioning loyalty, unswerving devotion, one-pointed dedication and absolute trust and faith.

It is rare in my experience that someone on a strong spiritual path recognizes what animals have to teach us.