Should I? Can I?

Maybe, you’ve seen the pictures and thought “Oh, my gosh this would be so great.” Maybe you fantasized about walking down the beach or watching the whales in the surf or learning a yoga pose that opens up a block.

And then you shut down your dreaming. “Oh, I can’t do that, It’s impossible, forget it.”

I know that committee.  I have a HUGE committee in my head and it’s talked me out of a million things. One year, a friend invited me to India. She was leaving in a month. I mentioned to someone that I wished I could go.  She said with laser simplicity If you want to go, you can find a way.” It really hit me and I thought well I’ll see if it’s possible and almost effortlessly  I rented my apartment, got my cat taken care of and arranged a paid leave from work. All things that seemed utterly impossible slipped away, and I was free to go for which I’m eternally grateful.

Work? Family? Timing? Finances? Those obstacles are always there, they never go away.

If the thought of this retreat caused any sort of spark I invite you to see if the committee is helping or hindering you.


First take 5 long and smooth breaths with your feet solidly on the ground.

1. Take 2 minutes to think about what is something you would like to move out of your life. Maybe physical pain, tension, sleepless nights, inability to understand a pose in your practice….

2. Now imagine a day free of all that. What’s that feel like?

3. Imagine 7 days on the beach practicing yoga, walking on the beach, watching whales, eating fresh mangos…..  What would that feel like?  Don’t let the committee take over, just yet- they get their time

4. Ok, now talk to the committee. Describe to them how you would feel after the 7 days. The committee now has usually a lot to say.

If the beach retreat is coming up as a time worth spending for yourself,  see if you can turn around all their comments, their facts.  (I can take the time off, my partner does support me etc. ) If they turned around quickly chances are it is possible.

Here are some other facts that might help.

  1. Puerto Vallarta is an international airport with flights from all over. Airport Transfer is included
  2. You can bring your non-yoga partner for a discounted rate.
  3. There are plenty of excursions to keep your partner occupied.
  4. Your have your own room and bathroom.
  5.  Meals are freshly made daily just for us.
  6. The housing development is private and secluded
  7. The yoga program connects two distinct styles of yoga which has been planned and organized for your enrichment.
  8. There is plenty of rest time.
  9. Registration includes-  7 days, more than 2o hours of instruction, roundtrip airport transfer, 3 meals and snacks and luxury accommodations.
  10. You can swim and surf in the water.
  11. If there are more questions you want answered I’d be happy to answer them, so you can make your own decision.

If you have come to the point that this retreat is what you need then click below.

Yep, I’m going!

Register here.
It will be an honor to have you part of the group.

You might have decided that something else will help you and that is great. Go for it!. But there might be someone you know that would really benefit so please share this info.