ASL Yoga

ASL yoga retreat March 11-15 2018


In 2010 Jennifer began teaching Iyengar yoga in American Sign Language. The most recent class was at the Iyengar Institute of New York City. Her classes were featured in the Iyengar Association of United States publication,  Samachar, Handing down the Knowledge. She led retreats at Heathen Hill in upstate New York and was featured in a Taschen Publication’s,  Great Yoga Retreats

She is available to teach workshops in your area or host one in Mexico!

Jennifer is a certified RID sign language interpreter with more than 15 years experience. She worked closely with Lynette Taylor and her Iyengar teachers with feedback from students to develop the language and sequencing for the ASL classes. Please contact her for a list of teachers fluent in sign or Deaf teachers teaching Iyengar yoga.