Class description and fees

Fundamentals course – For those brand new to yoga and/or Iyengar yoga

Level 1 – For students who have completed a fundamentals course, but also for seasoned practitioners looking to review the basics. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) will be taught.

Level 1.5 – For students with at least 1 year Yoga experience and a practice of inversions (or knowledge of their alternatives). Must be knowledgeable about Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) and be ready and willing to learn Sirsasana (headstand) and learning Iyengar terminology

Advanced (teacher permission)- 1 hour advanced class. Students need to be familiar with Iyengar Yoga terminology and be capable of more complexity and depth in movement. Students should be taken other classes concurrently. This should not be your only class in your schedule.

Gentle-A slower paced class where all categories of poses are learned with appropriate support. This class is for students with physical injuries or limitations who are willing to learn and remember personalized adjustments with props. This class is good for older students beginning yoga.


**If you have any serious condition or physical limitation please contact me. It may not be appropriate to be in a group class or a class in the downtown location where props are limited, access is a spiral staircase and the pace is dynamic.  Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for all students of all situations but you must attend a class that is appropriate for your body and ability.

For any significant benefit or transformation, one must practice regularly.

2 month

  • 16 classes – $1650


  • 4 classes – $550
  • 8 classes-$1000

Drop in- $200

Payment is due before class, please come prepared. $200 will be pro-rated to a class card if you return within the week.

10% discount AMYI members 

(work exchange available)



Sunday/Domingo – Atascadero

10:00-11:15am Level 1

Tues/Martes- YOGAveda #7 Ancha de San Antonio above Paprika.


10-11am Nov 1st for 4 Tuesdays Sun Salutation Clinic- learn techniques and variations

Wed/Mié- Level 1-1.5- Atascadero studio

10:30 am-11:45 (Level 1)

Thursday/Jueves YOGAveda 7 Ancha San Antonio – Above Paprika 


10-11:15am  – level 1


Float Sano

8:30-9:45- Recharge

(my class cards do not transfer to float sano)

Atascadero Studio

10:30am-11:45 (Gentle)

12-1 Sutra Study (free) click here for study guide New York Sutra Study Syllabus – Word