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Welcome! I offer yoga programs, workshops and classes. Classes are small and require pre-registration. If you are a visitor or live here part time please click here to find out about immersion programs for your short term goals.

I like to offer classes in  course format. It’s how I see students really improve. I’m teach because I like to see students achieve what they never thought possible.

Private classes are available- please contact me for a free consultation.Classes are RSVP- please  CONTACT ME to attend

Small group privates – minimum of 4 students who commit to at least 4 weeks of practice. This can be a group of friends or students with similiar issues such as back problems.

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Walking the Path

Learning yoga is a process and progressive. The length of time a student studies at one level does not depend on physical ability but more on regularity of practice, maturity, commitment to learning and discussion with teacher

All new students begin in ESSENTIALS except those that have been studying Iyengar yoga with a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Regular practitioners of Iyengar yoga visiting San Miguel are welcome in any class.


In this “open house” session or phone contact, we have a conversation about your interests, goals and I recommend a course and class to begin.  You get a chance to speak with current students and ask any questions you might have.  Jan 8th, 10 and 12th (see below)


You learn the fundamental postures that provide you with a firm foundation with a focus on building stability, strength, and mobility. Students gain a beginning understanding of the principles of the Iyengar method. Those with physical limitations or conditions learn how to work in class with proper support. Basic benefits of the postures are taught.


Once familiar with the actions of the previous syllabus of poses students move to this level where the instruction focuses not just on form but a deeper connection between poses. Students at this level continue to develop their inversion practice. They become proficient in the set up and practice of Sarvangasana and begin the practice of Sirsasana (headstand). It is expected that students know the Sanskrit names of the poses of the previous syllabus and continue to learn the names at this level. Those with physical conditions or limitations continue to learn how to adapt for their needs. Students at this level begin a self-practice applying lessons in classes to their home practice. Pranayama is introduced at this level

The Individual Path– Some students due to schedueling, learning preferences or physical condition or situations may be recommended for one-on-one sessions.

The Inner Path– study of restorative poses that prepare a student for pranayama practice

The Study– a weekly (free) study group where we apply the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali to our practice and our life.

Advanced (teacher permission)- 1 hour advanced class. Students need to be familiar with Iyengar Yoga terminology and be capable of more complexity and depth in movement. Students should be taken other classes concurrently. This should not be your only class in your schedule.

Centro de Yoga is unlike other studios in that a group of students study together and consistently for a period of time. This way an environmnent of learning is protected and progress is achieved.

Please contact me to find out which class is for you before coming to class. Classes are designed to be studied 1x-3x per week for at least a month.

Like anything yoga is something you learn so if you are new you need to come to at least 4 to feel the benefit.

If you are a regular Iyengar practitioner visiting San Miguel, you are welcome to join any  group class.

Class Schedule
  • Monday 10:15       Float Sano (my class cards do not apply)
  • Tuesday 8:30am   Essentials/Exploration
  • Tuesday 11 am     Private Group
  • Wed 8:30 am         Yoga For Guys- Private Group email for information
  • Wed 10:30 am       Essentials
  • Mié 7-8:30 Pm       Esenciales. Clase es en Español
  • Thursday 8:30      Exploration/Advanced (must be able to do Sirsasana and Sarvangasana) At least 1 year continued study of Iyengar yoga)
  • Sunday 10 am       Mixed Level (sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish)

Schedule- please check here for current classes

click here.


PRIVATE GROUPS- for 4 or more practitioners who want to study together in a consistent group.

YOGA THERAPY-Group classes are not appropriate for everyone. Therapeutic sessions focus on a specific issue or conditions that can be helped via the practice of yoga Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation

PACKAGES AND CLASSES- For Group classes. Private classes have a different pay scale.


1 time per week $550 ($137 per class)
2 times per week $1050 ($131 per class)
3 times per week $1440 ($120 per class)


1 YEAR EXPIRATION- for those that come and go often but want the commitment and flexibility.
12 classes- $2280mxn ($190 per class)
16 classes- $2960 ($185 per class)
32 classes – $5760mxn ($180 per class)
Drop in- $200


Expiration dates are firm, no exceptions. They are extended only if I have to postpone or cancel a class.

10% discount AMYI members