Fundamentals Course

Building blocks for a well-balanced practice

Tuesday/Thursday 10-11:15 YogaVEDA
Dec 20-Jan 12th
$1000 8 classes. 1 makeup in any other class on the schedule

If you want to learn how to start a yoga practice and start it off well then take this course. Hatha yoga is the path of union that includes asana. You must be practicing all categories of poses for a well rounded practice that leads to a quieted mind and the ability to see truthfully.
We will start with standing poses and you will leave the course with the beginnings of an inversion practice two very important aspects of a practice. You will learn to stand taller and move more freely in your life. You will be introduced to the philosophical underpinings of a yoga practice and particulalry the Iyengar method.

Take this course if:

  • You think – I’m too stiff,  it’s not for dudes, it’s too fast, it just aint for me.
  • You have a practice and are experiencing imbalances, misunderstandings or inabilities…you want to improve your knowledge.
  • You are a learner
  • You are curious
  • You see life as a continum of improvements.
  • You are in good physical shape and have no serious medical conditions.
  • Progressive instruction and learning in a sequential manner makes sense to you.
  • You value rigorously trained teachers who continue to study
PLEASE SIGN UP HERE.  I won’t be responding to email so the registration from is your confirmation. COME TO CLASS THE FIRST DAY.