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• Light on Yoga BKS Iyengar
• Gem for Women Geeta Iyengar
• How to Use Yoga Mira Metha (good for new students. Great photos and sequences) • Yoga The Iyengar Way – Mira Mehta
• The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health Patricia Walden and Linda Sparrowe
• The Women’s Yoga Book Bobby Clenell


• Tree of Yoga BKS Iyengar
• Light on Life BKS Iyengar
• Light on Pranayama BKS Iyengar
• Light on the Yoga Sutras BKS Iyengar • Glimpses of Raja Yoga Vimala Thakar • The Yoga Sutras Edwin Bryant



• John Schumacher cd’s or find him on ihanuman
• iHanuman- look for Iyengar teachers.
• store has cd’s and audio from teachers and the Iyengars


  • My home practice month long video series with weekly focus sent to you and 4 extra tutorial. Contact me for more information. It’s like being in the studio!
  • Marla Apt
  • My, Marla Apt, Carrie Owerko or Christine SteinFINDING A CLASS IN YOUR (search for teachers in your country, state and city)
    Look for the mark! This means the teacher is a dedicated practitioner to the Iyengar method and has passed a rigorous program to be able to use this mark. Only a teacher who is certified can use this mark.

Iyengar Association of United States

Association of Iyengar Yoga Mexico

B.K.S Iyengarofficial site of Ramamami Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune India.

 Yoga Center- Iyengar yoga in Mexico City

Practice Yoga- Guadalajara, Mexico

Youtube video of BKS

Other resources:


Contact me for referrals to bodyworkers, healers, therapists in San Miguel de Allende.