Video Home Study Program

I know that without a teacher it’s difficult to keep up the practice. Sometimes impossible. You feel anxious that without consistency that pain or stiffens will come back.  You will forget everything and it’ll be so much harder when classes resume You won’t make the time for yourself. You won’t know what to do. You may injure yourself.

And you know what? It’s completely normal. Pantanjali in the Yoga Sutras actually states doubt, apathy, backsliding and inertia as some of obstacles to yoga practice.

I’ve heard from students that the more you come to class the better you feel.  You know that consistency pays off. You don’t need to lose that.

I know that a personal practice enriches the class experience. It tills the soil and prepares you for new instruction.

* Home practice is where you integrate all you know

 I give you the support and tools that I developed making it easy for you to establish and enrich your practice.

Yoga Home Study Program is designed to support you. Each class builds on the other so you can follow easily and use the program over and over during the week to enrich what you know.

You will receive a weekly email that provides you with the links to videos , an inspirational message ,  the focus for the week, plus some bonus surprises. I check email once a week to guide and support your progress.

Yoga Home Study Program includes:

Four 1 hour classes online: I have recorded classes especially for this program. It provides you necessary instruction but also time to practice what you know and they build from week to week.

Practice focus: A focus directs the mind and connects you fully with what, why and how of your practice.

Yoga Sutra Focus: The Yoga Sutras by Pantanjali are a “how-to” manual for yoga. They are inspirational, philosophical and downright practical. Each week I’ll provide you a sutra focus connected to the sequence for you to contemplate on and off your mat. This moves the asana practice beyond just something we do to something we do to enrich our lives.

Personal support system : I’ve created a system to document your practice, reflections and intentions as well as help you carry out your commitment. Once a week, I’ll provide support, guidance, answer questions, give you questions to contemplate  and help you stay accountable to your commitment to yourself.

Bonus Classes: a 30 minute restorative, a headstand tutorial and a 20 minute sun salutation sequence.

You can use the Yoga Home Study program again and again.

I provide you with class instruction, tutorials, sequences and weekly support to remain connected to you and your progress.

The Home Study Yoga Program is $60.

Payment is received either by check or paypal.

This program, designed for current students, includes

  • weekly link to a yoga class including focus and guidance
  • weekly philosphical  inspiration for your practice
  • online Log to document and track your practice and share with me for feedback if desired.
  • 4 hour long videos PLUS 3 extra tutorials (headstand, surya namaskar, restorative)